The Winners are:

Fantasy Section
1st place:
2nd place: 
3nd place or special mention:

Real Life Equivilents Section
1st place: 
2nd place: 
3nd place or special mention: 

Congratulations to all the winners and thank you to all the participants!


Winners will get the following amazing prizes:

1st Place in both Categories:
2 Silver Stream Screen/Players, Servers for each and a complete set of speakers, from our range.

2nd Place in both Categories:
1 Silver Stream Screen/Player, Server and a complete set of speakers, from our range.

3rd Place in both Categories:
1 Silver Stream Screen/Player and a server.

Consign of the Prize

In order to get the prize or arrange an appointment for customer care, winners will have to contact in Second Life (sending a IM): Pixie Tungl

All Prize winners can choose any style, size or colour combination from those on display in the EML-Entertainments Store. (All the Screen/Players on the ground floor in the Orange area, have the latest code and integral menu system)

All the systems sold by EML-Entertainments come with an editable playlist, so you can add your own media urls, including movies, radio stations, music, and 2d pictures that are QuickTime compatible. Each Screen/Player comes already installed with a selection of Movie, Shopping, News and Entertainment channels, although you are free to edit/delete those.

The prize giving will be held at EML-Entertainments Store. The winners are requested to contact: Pixie Tungl in order to get an appointment and arrange the consign of the prize!

Inworld Show

All Participants and all the Koinup Users are invited to view the Wildlife Inworld Show!





WBA-Advertising & EML-Entertainments is glad to announce: The Wildlife Second Life Photo Contest.

The WildLife Contest is the 1st contest entirely dedicated to non-human life in Second Life.
Are you a furry, do you love explore the most uncontaminated island of Second Life? Do you know of a place where there is wildlife worthy of a photography? Well, this is your chance to show your talent.

We are looking for the very best pictures of wildlife taken in Second Life. This Include Fantasy and Real Life equivalents, let your imagination go.

The contest is restricted to Second Life residents and is a photography contest; artistic media other than photography are not allowed.

Submissions start May, 23 end June, 6; Winners Announcement will take place June, 12.

Here are the latest entries.



  • In order to take part in the contest you need to be a member of Koinup. Registration is free and takes only a few seconds.
  • The contest theme is wildlife or animal life in SL. You can submit photos in this two categories: Fantasy or Real Life Equivalents.
    Just as an example: a perfect remake of an elephant is a real life equivalent. A neko or a furry is a fantasy equivalent.
  • Each participant can submit up-to 3 entries.
  • If you have more than 3 entries at the end of the contest, you will be automatically inelegible for the win.
    Remember: Maximum 3 entries.
  • To submit a photo to the contest, please insert the tag
  • Photos will remain on Koinup after the end of the contest.
  • Don't upload pornographic and offensive photos, don't upload copyright material.
  • Entering the contest implies the acceptance of these rules.

Winners and Prizes

There will be 2 winners (1st and 2nd) for each category (Real Life Equivalent and Fantasy).

The Prizes are:
1st prizes in either Fantasy or Real Life Equivalents will both be able to choose 2 Silver Stream Network Media Player/Screens, complete with 2 servers, from the EML-Entertainments Showroom.
2nd Prize in both categories, will be able to choose 1 Silver Stream Network Media Player/Screen, complete with a server, from the EML-Entertainments Showroom.

The winners will be selected according to these criteria: aesthetics, imagination, subject.

They will be selected by a panel of judges made up by: AWM Mars, Ayden Paine, Tillie Ariantho.

Winners will be contacted just after the announcements and they will receive the prize, and if they need, assistance, in order to install Silver Stream Network Media System.

Here are the latest entries.

About Silver Stream Network Media System

Winners will get the amazing Silver Stream Network Media System a powerful screen-player that allow users to stream their media on Second Life.

The Silver Stream Network Media Systems are the most powerful in Second Life. They allow the user to have multiple screen/players in the same parcel, each with their own internal playlist, which they can add their own media urls, and each screen/player will play its own playlist to the viewers at each screen. Each screen comes with its own integral menu system for ease of use. Styled with the unique textures created for EML-Entertainments, bringing you quality with low prims. Some styles are available in vibrant colours Dusk Pink, Purple Haze and Midnight Blue and standard.

Here is a couple of links to these products:

Inworld Exhibition!

AWM Mars and WBA-Advertising & EML-Entertainments are glad to tell you that all the entries (Remember: all the entries!) will be showcased inworld during a Wildlife Art Exhibition!

Exhibition with the entries is taking place at Zurich City SL - Nest Sammelstiftung.



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