The Sims 2 Spring Photo Contest

According to the panel of judges, made up by Decorgal, TicTicc13, Sims2Cri
the winners of the Sims 2 Spring Contest are..

The four winners will be contacted very soon by the Koinup staff in order to arrange the consign of the prices.

Our Judges faced an hard challenge to pick up the three winning photos, between the dozens of amazing entries... Beside the winners, they pick up other 6 works for an honorable mention.
These awesome photos are:

We from the Koinup Staff are so grateful to our judges for their amazing job and skills and we're very grateful to all the contestants that have posted dozens of amazing photos!
On the Koinup Blog we are posting a list of other photos from the Koinup that touched the Koinup Staff, take a look now!

Stay tuned, because other contests and updates are coming out...
Check out our Blog for announcements.



Rules and Guidelines

  • In order to take part in this contest, you must have an account on Koinup. Registration is free and takes a few seconds.
  • All the submissions in the contest must be tagged with this tag:
    (copy this tag and paste it on your entries)
  • Maximum 2 entries for partecipant.
  • In the picture, you can include one or more characters.
  • All the submissions have to be screenshots from "The Sims 2". You can edit them or not.
  • You can use Expansions. But it is not required!
  • Submissions can't be photos already hosted on Koinup. So, please publish new works.
  • Submission must stay on Koinup after the end of the contest, but you are free to publish them also on other websites and blogs.
  • Backgrounds or limited part of the images can be fetched from real life or non sims game footage (but only limited parts!)

PostScriptum: Don't you know how to tag pictures? Look here!

Here are the latest entries.


Winners and Prices

The price is a set of unpublished and stunning poses created by the well known content developer and machinima maker Decorgal.
Some of these poses are in exclusive for the Koinup contest winners!

Winners will be selected by our authoritative judges: Decorgal, Ticticc13, Sims2Cri.

There will be four winners.
Three of them will be selected by our jury. The fourth one will be the Community winner and it will be selected by the Koinup Community.

The Koinup community has the chance to view, comments and fav the entries. So invite your friends to view the entries and express their preferences!
The coolest entry once ended the submission time, will be the community winner.

Read here what is a coolest picture.


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