The Winners of the Steampunk Contest are:


All the winners are invited to contact us at and type their avatar name to claim the prizes.



We are glad to announce the 1st Steampunk Second Life Contest!

All Second Life Citizens are invited to take part in the Steampunk Second Life Contest and submit their photos! You can submit your entries from September, 22 until October, 16.

The winners will be announced on October 25th here and on the Koinup Blog.

Here are the latest entries.

Rules and Guidelines

The contest is about giving your Avatar a perfect Steampunk style. Once you have customized and "steampunked" your avi, take some photos and submit to Koinup. Each participant can submit up to three photos.
First photo has to be a close-up of the avatar. Second photo has to be a full-body portrait. Third photo can include also backgrounds elements. This could help you to depict even further a steampunk style and mood.

  • Submission will start on September, 22 and will end on October, 16
  • In order to take part in this contest, you must have an account on Koinup. Registration is free and takes only a few seconds.
  • All the submissions in the contest must be tagged with this tag:
    (copy this tag and paste it in your entries)
  • Submissions can't be photos already hosted on Koinup. So please, publish new works.
  • Each participant can submit up to three entries.
  • Some kind of postprocessing is allowed, but remember: the contest is about Steampunk Avatar and Style. Excessive post-editing with psp (and other photo-editor) won't be appreciated.
  • Photos have to remain on Koinup after the end of the contest. Obviously you are free to share them also on other websites!
  • Entering the contest implies the acceptance of these rules.


Winners, Jury and Prices

Judges will select 3 winners. The announcement will take place on October 22nd.

Judges will select the winners by focusing on the originality ability of participants of represent a steampunk style and mood.

Winners will be selected by our panel of judges, made up by
Hamlet Au, journalist and lead of the New World Notes
Ordinal Malaprop, scripter, developer and steampunk designer
Sea Beaumont, blogger and steampunk expert.

The three winners will get an amazing prize "Skye Steampunk Castle" supplied by Alex Bader of Skye Estates.

Skye Steampunk Castle, valued at 15,000 L$ over at SlExchange, is a beautifully crafted building designed and built by Alex Bader; read more here.

Take a look at the latest entries!


Are you wondering what Steampunk is? Take a look at

Are you looking for some ispiration or outfits to customize your avi? Look at  or at
Here's a list of steampunk sims and other resources.

It is not mandatory use your own avatar. You can take portrait of one of your friends. The most important aspect is to focus on a steampunk subject.
(thanks Eves for asking this)

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