According to Our Judges Tao Takashi and Codebastard Redgrave (and all the Koinup Community) The Music Videos Winners are...

Beside the three winners there are other videos too good not to mention and which deserve an honorable mention...

Moreover, there are other videos which will worth a mention... These days, we will embed some on the Koinup Blog, a sort of Koinup Editorial Choice...
Thanks to all you for taking part in this initiative and thank you very much to our judges for their contributions!


Inworld Awards

You are all invited at the Orange Island for the Inworld Music Videos Awards!
The Event will start at 11.00am SLT
There will be a Music Show, Machinima Classes and the Streaming of the Winning Videos.

Direct Link
Orange Island - Lower Plaza, Orange 1 (196, 220, 22)

Details for the Awards on Koinup Blog





Videos and Music tell more than thousands words! So we had this idea to create a Second Life Music Videos Contest.

The theme is totally free. You can create a video, which features your first 100 days in Second Life, or create a whole story, directing other avatars! Otherwise, you can show us footage from your favorite sims. Or just create a sequences of wonderful images and stream them, as a slideshow, Just remember to add your video a good soundtrack!

You can submit your entries from April, 2 until April, 29.
The winners will be announced on May, 6 here and on the Koinup Blog.

Here are the latest entries.

Rules and Guidelines

  • In order to take part in this contest, you must have an account on Koinup. Registration is free and takes only a few seconds.
  • All the videos have to be shot in Second Life.
  • Add some good soundtracks to your videos. Remember: all the entries have to be music videos!
  • All the submissions in the contest must be tagged with this tag:
    (copy this tag and paste it in your entries)
  • Videos can't be shorter than 1 minute or longer than 6 minutes.
  • We accept .mpg, .mpeg, .mov, .wmv, .asf, .avi formats up to 150 MB in size. We do not support files with more than 2 audio channels and Windows Media Audio Professional (WMA Pro) audio codec.
  • Submissions can't be videos already hosted on Koinup. We accept videos already published on other websites. So if you have a machinima that meet the rules, you can submit it!
  • Videos must remain on Koinup after the end of the contest, but you are free to publish them also on other websites and blogs.

Here are the latest entries.


Regarding the music

Some SL musicians has been so kind to gave us permissions to use their tracks as soundtracks of the contest!
Here are the links to download:

Pay attention:
you can use these songs, but only for the contest. you have to type credits (authors, titles and links of the tracks you have used)
If you want use other music, we highly suggest to use only contents released with Creative Commons licences. You can find good sources of CC music here: 


Winners and Prices

The price is totally Amazing!
20,000 L$ plus the MachinimaCam created by CodeBastard Redgrave.
MachinimaCam is an effective and highly useful tool to control your SL camera and help you to make machinima.

Winners will be selected by our authoritative judges: CodeBastard Redgrave and Tao Takashi.

There will be three winners. Two of them will be selected by our jury. The third one will be the Community winner and will be selected by the Koinup Community.

How become the Community Winner? Well, your video will be the community winners if it will be the coolest once submission will end. Coolest video is the most commented, faved, viewed!
Here you can find exactly what is coolest on Koinup.

Here are the latest entries.


Inworld Streaming and Show!

Winning Videos will be streamed at the Orange-Island on May 6!

Together with the amazing crew of the Orange Community, Koinup staff is organizing a whole Machinima event, with music, classes, art and obviously videos. All of this is scheduled for May, 6. Starting at 11Am SLT.
Here is the direct link to Orange Sim.



For questions and issues, write to or leave a comment on this page.


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