The Winners of the machinima contest " A day in your virtual life" are:

Rusty Whispers: Dennis - by Robertz (the Community winner)
My So Called Virtual Life - by Francis_7
Life on Life -  by Life Factory Writer

Honorable Mention for:
The legend of Indiaena Jones -  by 5959mopp

Thanks for all the participants, big-big congratulations to the winners!




Koinup is proud to announce the "A Day in Your Virtual Life" Machinima Contest!
The Contest is sponsored by Koinup, with the Support and Partnership of Orange-Island and New World Notes.

The contest is restricted to virtual worlds members and it is a machinima contest; artistic media other than videos are not allowed.
Submissions will start on July, 7 and close on August, 1 - winners will be announced August, 8.

What is it about this contest? A Day in Your Virtual Life is a Video Contest. You have to tell us, creating a video (create it inside virtual worlds), whats happening in your virtual life.
The Contest is open to all virtual worlds users and metaverse citizens (Second Life users, IMVU players, World Of Warcraft and There members and all the other mmorpg).

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Here are the latest entries.


  • In order to take part in this contest, you must have an account on Koinup. Registration is free and takes only a few seconds.
  • The contest theme is “A Day in Your Virtual Life”. That is: try to tell about your daily life in virtual worlds (how you spend your time in virtual worlds, which are the favourite activities there, tell us a magnific day you have spent recently, etc)
  • Videos can be submitted to the contest by posting them on Koinup.
  • You can also import your video-submissions from Youtube (read here how to import from YT).
  • The most important is that these videos can't be already posted on Koinup by July, 7
  • To submit a video to the contest, please insert the tag
    If you wish, copy this tag and paste it onto your entries. (here you can view how to insert a tag)
  • Each participant can submit up to two videos
  • Judges are free to disqualify you if you don't respect these rules.
  • Videos have to remain on Koinup after the end of the contest.
  • Entering the contest implies the acceptance of these rules.

Take a look at the latest entries!


Contest Widget/Banner

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Prizes and Winners

There will be a community winner.
(Community winner will be the most appreciated video-entry by the community, read here more about the concept of coolest)

There will be two or more winners picked by a jury. If there will be at least 8 entries for a selected category (ex IMVU), judges will commit themselves to pick a winner for that category. Otherwise there will be only two absolute jury winners.

The panel of judges is made up by NewWorldNotes Journalist Hamlet Au, the machinimators Moo Money, Michelle Pettit-Mee from the Britannica Dreams and Chagall, the art critic and journalist Mario Gerosa.

Winners will be streamed in various Virtual Worlds Theatres. Will be streamed at the prestigious Orange-Island in Second Life and in the official Koinup Clubs inside Kaneva, vSide, IMVU.
Moreover they will be get a special review in the most prestigious metaverse blog, the New World Notes lead by the Journalist Hamlet Au.

Winners announcements will take place on August, 8!

Take a look at the latest entries!


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