The winners of the carnival freaks contest are...

1st absolute winner: Katielovelace with: "The 8 Legged Spider Lady & Daughters"
2nd winner: PunkyCookie with: "The Raven"
3nd winner: rpinky with: "carnival"

The winners are invited to contact Nikalu at her homepage for claiming the prizes.




Nikalu and Koinup are proud to announce "IMVU Carnival Freaks" Contest.
The Contest is sponsored by Nikalu Products and Koinup.

The contest is restricted to IMVU members and it is a photography contest; artistic media other than photography are not allowed.

Submissions will start on August 12nd and close August 30th - winners will be announced on September 3rd.

Install on your IMVU homepage the Widget with the best or with your entries of the contest!

Here are the latest entries.


  • In order to take part in this contest, you must have an account on Koinup. Registration is free and takes only a few seconds.
  • The contest theme is IMVU Carnival Freaks. That is: Convert your avatar into the ultimate freak, by using clothing and items from the catalog and using IMVU Snapshots.
  • Do some research if you don't know what the contest is about.
  • Photos can be submitted to the contest by posting them on Koinup. To submit a photo to the contest, please insert the tag:
    If you wish, copy this tag and paste it onto your entries.
  • Size of the Picture: recommended 500x500! This is the size best viewed on Koinup pages. Pics smaller have less chance to win the contest.
  • Photos can be taken in IMVU using any available means. You can feature in the entries: poses, avatars, public rooms, outfit created by other developers.
  • Photos can also be post-processed using programs such as Photoshop.
  • Photos already posted on Koinup by 12th of august cannot be submitted to the contest. Please submit new works.
  • Each participant can submit up to two photos.
  • You can't edit your entries, once they are submitted. Judges are free to disqualify you, if you don't respect these rules.
  • Entering the contest implies the acceptance of these rules.


Contest Widget/Banner

Install on your IMVU homepage the Widget with the best or with your entries of the contest! Click here for more options.

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Winners and Prizes

There will be three winners: the absolute winner and 1st and 2nd runners up.

In order to select the winners, the contest jury will focus on assessing the following aspects:
Clarity, quality, creativity & originality of the entry, as well as if the entry sends out the message correctly (fits the theme), if any message at all. Also how well they followed the rules and guidelines.

The panel of judges is made up by Nikalu, Aimz, and Koinup mainly.

Absolute winner will get 25 Nikalu Products and 5,000 cr (supplied by Koinup)
1nd and 2nd runners up will receive 5 Nikalu Products, a custom-made sticker & an avatar picture created by Nikalu.

Winners will be announced on September 3, 2008 on this page and on Koinup Blog

Take a look at the latest entries!

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