Avatar Art

There is a new popular art here around. Lets call it Avatar Art!

If you are wondering what's the hell is an avatar, you are definitely getting behind, because people don't restrict to have avatars! They express themselves, and use avatars for artistic expression!

A sneak preview? Have a look here!

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What the critics say

"Avatars have been a crucial part of online identity for years. As all culture becomes digitized, it's only inevitable that the avatar itself becomes a new canvas for artistic expression." (Wagner James Au, GigaOM journalist and author of New World Notes)

"The result is a first person narration through the avatar, an operation, which reminds us of the narrating "I" of novels. It is a therapeutic and narcissistic kind of art, where one is delighted by looking at the mirror or by building the image reflected in the mirror. This is a procedure that brings us back to the mind, to the adventures of Cindy Sherman and the exhibited private life of Trecey Emin." (Mario Gerosa, writer, journalist and curator of Virtual Renaissance Exhibition in Florence)

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