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 Typefi Publish

Zenhancer Technologies is an official Typefi partner, with special expertise in preparing publishers’ data and graphics for use with Typefi® Publish.

Typefi Publish is software that automates the publishing of content in professional designs for a range of media and formats, making document production faster, more consistent and more flexible to meet peaks and troughs in demand.

Typefi Publish uses an underlying XML architecture to define your content. The software can receive any form of standard input, from Microsoft® Word and XML files to content files exported from Excel spreadsheets and content databases.

Publication design is handled by Adobe® InDesign® for most outputs, along with a CSS (Cascading Style Sheet) for some outputs such as EPUB and HTML. Typefi Publish tells Adobe InDesign how to apply your designs to the XML.

View Zenhancer's home Zenhancer | 3 year(s) ago

 Typesetting Services

Providing Database Conversion services, we transform and import data from one format into a new database. We ensure time bound & cost-sensitive outsource of online data entry projects. Further, we also offer data conversion services to fulfill corporate requirements of our clients. Through suitable conversion methods, we strive to fulfill ever increasing data conversion requirements of our clients.

Typesetting in its simplest form involves laying out text and illustrations to a specified pattern and creating a finished document ready for printing. It has moved a long way from the traditional understanding of assembling letters and words to software based procedures in today’s computer dominated environment. Specialized typesetting skills continue to be the key for a well-designed and organized publication. Selection of correct fonts, styles, justification, paragraph, line, word and letter spacing are essential to the make an impressive publication. In addition, it is necessary to ensure that the illustrations meet specified criteria for printing and consistent with the style.

View Zenhancer's home Zenhancer | 3 year(s) ago

 DTD Development

Our expert team has worked with all industry standard DTDs/Schemas and has been able to execute most effective DTD development across various formats of outputs and different channel outputs. Zenhancer has handled both Journal and Book DTDs in XML. We can develop custom DTDs for specific projects and for specific content use. These could be integrated for ebooks and print books

In the past, zenhancer has efficiently used XML Schema for providing support to various types of publishers including eBooks and ePUB publishers, as well as scientific, technical, medical, historical and academic text book publishers

From analyzing your project requirements to developing, refining, and documenting the DTD or schema, we create well-structured, efficient and dynamic end-products for publishers.

View Zenhancer's home Zenhancer | 3 year(s) ago

If your company deals with tons of data and you spend a lot of your significant time in managing this data, then data extraction services prove to be a boon to you. An efficient data extraction service should extract data from various sources and output them in media format like CD/ DVD, PDF, XML and other formats. People who are not proficient in data extraction can provide only half accurate information and hence it is always safe to outsource data extraction services.

Zenhancer Technology Pvt. Ltd. has a talented group of meticulous data extraction professionals, who work in unison with the company to provide the superior quality, integrity of data within the TAT according to the SLA. Zenhancer Technology Pvt. Ltd. has been the first answer and a destination in the field of data extraction services. Outsource data extraction service to zenhancer Technology Pvt. Ltd. ensures the customer of the latest techniques and devices which enable the customer in monitoring, retrieving and mining of documents from sites, structured or non structured documents.

View Zenhancer's home Zenhancer | 3 year(s) ago

 Copy Editing

Zenhancer’s competitive position regarding outsourcing editorial services is based on a dual onshore–offshore model that focuses on both style and language editing

Zenhancer has a broad network of onshore and offshore copy editing staff working on a diverse range of subject matter. Central to our copy editing service is the team based at the Zenhancer facility in US, India, which manages Tier 2 books. Tier 2 books require a full review of the text for grammatical and language errors. However, there is less substantive editing, and the focus is on stylistic issues. Tier 1 books are copy edited by our onshore editors based in different parts of the UK, Ireland and the USA and are managed from our Dublin office. Tier 1 books require more substantive language editing, including sentence reconstruction, grammar usage, and diction.

View Zenhancer's home Zenhancer | 3 year(s) ago

 Mutual Fund

At Zenhancer, our mission is to reach the clients with quality financial solutions on par with international service standards. As market leaders in the Mutual Fund space, we have been catering to clients with a wide range of technology-driven value-added financial services and products, built on trust and reliability. Under Mutual Fund Services, we render financial services to 26 AMCs and 40 million investors with more than 1000 schemes. We strive to offer round the clock services to stakeholders with a wide gamut of delivery channels which include Service centers, BPO Centers, Exchanges, Online services, SMS, E-mail and Snail mail. All these services are offered via the following channels:

In December 2008, the United States Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) mandated mutual funds to provide the Risk-Return summary section of their prospectuses in XBRL format to both the SEC and on the fund’s website. The first required submissions for initial registration statements that have become effective since January 1st, 2011. The interactive filing must be filed after effectiveness of the related filing, but no later than 15 business days after the effective date of the related filing.

View Zenhancer's home Zenhancer | 3 year(s) ago

 MCA XBRL Filing

XBRL tagging and filing is now mandated by the SEC for companies of all sizes. For many organizations, XBRL adds another layer of reporting and complexity to their filing requirements. With the SEC enforcing XBRL requirements, it’s essential that your XBRL tagging is done properly and accurate to meet current guidelines.

The Ministry of Corporate Affairs (MCA) India, has resolved to adopt the Extensible Business Reporting Language (XBRL), as a reporting standard for all the companies in India since 2011. The ministry passed a mandate on March 31, 2011, which requires a certain class of companies to file their financial statements for the year ended March 31 2011 onward, in XBRL format, with the Registrar of Companies (RoC). The XBRL mandate has been effective since July 15, 2011 and mandatory for FY11 final accounts.

View Zenhancer's home Zenhancer | 3 year(s) ago

 IXBRL Services

Zenhancer Technologies dedicated team for iXBRL have devised a suite of iXBRL services to ensure your tax and financial statements comply with the HMRC mandate and complete the process effectively. This service can be utilized by Companies and Tax Advisors from any inputs.

You can e-mail us the financial accounts or tax computations in Microsoft Office format (word or excel). Zenhancer Technologies team of experts create iXBRL instance document in XML format for filing with HMRC. You can review the iXBRL documents using any browser or we provide PDF files converted to iXBRL output.

View Zenhancer's home Zenhancer | 3 year(s) ago

 XBRL Filing

Let the experts at Zenhancer help! Our in-house CPAs and XBRL specialists work closely with you to ensure that all your filing needs are met. Available 24×7, our team provides you with personalized solutions to help you manage every step of the process. We will review and analyze financials by applying the SEC compliant taxonomies to your company documents.

Unlike other XBRL services, everything is handled in-house by Zenhancer experts. We do not outsource any piece of the XBRL or EDGAR production process. We can take your XBRL changes over the phone and send you a proof within minutes. Our flat-rate pricing means that you will never be charged for rush orders or last minute changes

XBRL is a flexible, multi-dimensional, and standardized electronic format for the dissemination of structured financial data and information.
XBRL Filing represents the state of the art in the reporting and filing industry. In contrast to one-dimensional HTML or ‘paper-locked’ financial reports, XBRL is a flexible, multi-dimensional, and standardized electronic format for the dissemination of structured financial data and information. XBRL accomplishes this by applying taxonomies (definitions) to the financial data through both tagging and mapping. And once properly tagged, your financial data and information can be transmitted, synthesized, and extracted in an almost endless number of ways. Your financial information becomes instantaneously available to a global audience whether accessed through your IR website, research portals, desktops or wherever investors and/or regulators need to view your company’s data.

View Zenhancer's home Zenhancer | 3 year(s) ago

 EDGAR Filings

Most documents submitted to EDGAR and the SEC must be electronic in form. We, at Zenhancer Technologies, are EDGAR filing specialists and assist reporting companies by ‘EDGARizing” or converting documents to EDGAR accepted formats. We then upload said documents to the SEC on our clients’ behalf.

With a team of experts that have been working with the EDGAR System since its inception, we offer a personalized approach to ensure your specific filing needs are met. We help you stay aware of new regulations that may require additional disclosures or accelerated filings so your company is always in compliance.
EDGAR acceptable documents can come in the form of Microsoft Office, HTML, ASCII, & PDF, and the emerging XBRL format. Our EDGAR filing experts will work with you one-on-one to determine the best format in which to submit your reports. The regulatory landscape is ever-changing and our clients and legal partners have come to appreciate our processing efficiency and cost-saving solutions.

View Zenhancer's home Zenhancer | 3 year(s) ago

 Video Creation

With the advancement in technology the way in which the information is shared and put across the globe has changed. Explainer Videos are next generation PPT’s which are able to put across the message loud and clear with use of motion images, sound and text.

We provided awesome Explainer Video Production Services across the globe. Our goal is to unlock full potential of your product and services and get the message across to your targeted audience. We instill life in your services and in that way we are able to connect with your audience on an emotional level.

Wondering why would you need an Explainer Video?

Help your sales team to explain your products better to your clients.
It would be very useful for training and briefing purposes
Got any trade shows running or launching a new product?
Get it on your site and increase traffic.
Small video footage that is high on content specific information.
Takes little time to transfer and download and run from social media sites and other internet platform.
Can quickly connect with larger audience and generates more demand for services.
Nice blend of company’s philosophy, ideas and product ranges with thoughtful and creative sorts of expression.
We have a group of professional designers who are experts in creating short duration videos. As it is rightly said that a picture is worth more than a written text, and definitely a picture can convey more than what is scribbled. Similarly, a short duration video ad is worth more than any other mode of advertisement about a product or service. We strive to create a 1-3 minute video best depicting your ideas and values of your product in a quick span of time. We guarantee about the impact of the video in spreading the information about your wide range of offerings and services in multiple languages, making it accessible by wide section of the society to generate wider interests and hence best projecting your business interests.

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Presentations are a great way to communicate structured information.PowerPoint is often used to create business presentations, but can also be used for educational or informal purposes.

Graphic Impressions is the one-stop solution for all your PowerPoint Presentation needs. Our corporate presentation services include company profile presentation ppt, ppt on business services, ppt on financial services, consultancy services ppt, etc. Our PowerPoint Services across the globe has the required expertise on how to make a PowerPoint presentation stand-out with the effective use of graphics, eye-catching effects and well-structured content

View Zenhancer's home Zenhancer | 3 year(s) ago

 Emailers Page

Zenhancer Technologies is the leading bulk email service providers across the globe, with years of experience in email marketing and dedicated server management for bulk emailing. Our experience and technical knowledge is our strength, we developed our own methods and practices for bulk emailing and deliverability with years’ experience and experiments

Now we are helping our clients to send high volume emails without any worries at a very affordable cost. We are providing user friendly bulk email software, dedicated SMTP servers, managed email sending service, user training, and technical support in a single package

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Zenhancer Technologies creates and defines corporate branding and corporate identity design allowing its clients to stand out in a crowded marketplace.

Your corporate identity of logo design & other graphic design is often what makes the first and lasting impression of your organization. Nothing can have a more fundamental impact on your business than an expert, professional corporate identity and logo design.

By creating a powerful corporate identity for your company, you will achieve not just a name display, but a brand. With this new creative brand your business can stand away from the crowd.

Zenhancer Technologies corporate identity service is a dynamic, intellectual process of developing images and effective corporate branding strategies that translate into added value for our clients.

If you need a corporate identity and logo design - look no further. Zenhancer Technologies would offer a full range of corporate identity design services as we combine research, strategy and experience with excellent creativity and design innovation to produce corporate identity packages and logo designs that make the right impression with your customers.

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Zenhancer Technologies Animation services involve the process of creating artworks and models that mimics a smooth real-life motion. Animation is a heavily computerized activity; however conceptualization and visualization from the most creative talents in Zenhancer Technologies ensure that your animations are outstanding.

Zenhancer Technologies Animation services, be it gif animation, flash animation, 2D animation or 3D animation are the result of highly sophisticated computer skills along with outstanding creative talent of visualization and concept development. Zenhancer Technologies applies 2D and 3D animations to various business processes that enhances the processes. Zenhancer Technologies uses 2D and flash animations to animate the factory or process flow diagram. Zenhancer Technologies uses 3D animations to demonstrate inner working of machinery or a 3D architectural walkthrough of a real estate construction project much before it is actually constructed.

Zenhancer Technologies is a premier Animation services company across the globe, providing end-to-end animation services, including gif animation, flash animation, 2D animation, 3D animation, etc.

Zenhancer Technologies experienced creative team offers superior design and production services across a broad spectrum of animation services. The creative across the globe, paired with our gifted animators in our facility, bring content to life for high-profile productions around the world.

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 Blog-Generation Page

We provide SEO friendly business blogging services and social media distribution starting with the creation of high quality, informative content and ending with the integration of the blog posts into a vast range of measurable social media networks.

Our dedicated Account Teams are highly engaged with the vast range of online platforms and metrics to ensure we deliver the very best solution and service at an affordable price.

By continuously engaging with your customers and prospects through this online medium ensures a significant increase of buzz and traffic to your website, improved placing within search engines and successfully facilitates top of funnel leads.

Business blogging is one of the most versatile online resources available and at The Zenhancer Technologies, we focus on utilizing business blogging to assist our clients with exceeding their online goals.
Better company-customer communication. Increased search engine positioning. Improved lead generation. Event sign-ups. Whatever the goals are, we can make sure business blogging exceeds them.

Without doubt, this is a corporate tool for communicating with your customers, employees or prospects to share knowledge and expertise. You are only one step away from your business blogs sweeping your target community at a rapid rate.

View Zenhancer's home Zenhancer | 3 year(s) ago


Welcome to Zenhancer Technologies. We provide website content writing services to businesses across the India. Our select team of professional writers provides articles and blogs that are original, lively and engaging and optimized for both conversion and SEO purposes.

Good quality content describes everything and in addition to that, even increases the appeal of the image by describing few words about it. Content should always be focused and aimed at drawing clients to the business.

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 Pay Per Click

Businesses across all industries can benefit from the immediate advantages paid search, or pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, provides. PPC advertising offers you immediate search engine visibility, a definite plus when you are building a new site, or working on obtaining better search engine visibility.

With over a decade of experience in PPC, we can place your adverts across the major search engines using the most relevant keywords or phrases to your business. Whether you are a national brand or a local business, this helps you reach your target audience and increases visits to your website with high quality clicks through inventive, targeted ads to help you grow your business online.

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 Social Media Optimization

Social Media Optimization (SMO) refers to the process of gaining website traffic or attention through social media websites or Social Networking Sites. Social media Optimization programs usually center on efforts to create content that attracts attention and encourages readers to share it with their social networks

Are you looking for an effective way to bring potential audience to your website and make them buy from your site? Social Media Optimization is our specialty as we serve our clientele with more effective, less expensive and faster services. With comprehensive Social Media Optimization services, we utilize the latest techniques for improving the visibility of a targeted website in search engines. Zenhancer Technologies is teamed up with one of the brilliant minds of the SEO market who have the caliber of using innovative social media optimization tools and result- oriented methodologies. Our proficient team follows strict steps by engaging social networking sites and conducting noticeable promotional campaigns in order to target the desired customer community. The methods we prefer to implement are online communities, photo & video sharing, forums and blogs to influence the opinion of customers for building a brand business.

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 Search Engine Optimization
Zenhancer Technology Improve your Site’s Ranking (SEO) in many Ways :

SEO (search engine optimization) should be the staple of any online marketing campaign. It is crucial for any organization, be it a sole trader or a multi-national corporation, to place themselves on the first page related search results. This is how the majority of your new customers will find you.

How our talented SEO team can help

We are an experienced and talented team of passionate consultants who live and breathe SEO. Our SEO team of marketers includes technical leads, creative, writers, designers and developers. We have worked in the most competitive industries, in many locations around the world, with both household brands and small and medium sized businesses. We believe in building long-term relationships with clients, based upon shared ideals and success. Our SEO agency provides the following and more:

SEO Consultancy

We help you define your SEO objectives & develop a realistic strategy with you. You may have in-house marketing teams who require support & guidance, or you may need us to be your full SEO team. We work in both ways & advice on the best approach.

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