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Call it what you want. Private dick, peeping tom, professional snoop, private eye, or some names that can't be repeated in polite company like this. It don't matter to me cuz hell I get paid either way. A wolf's gotta do what a wolf gotta do in the virtual urban jungle. So you want to know about the hyena case huh? Well it's not special, at least not to me. It started that one afternoon, I was in my office putting the bills together when she knocked on the door.


She walked in like she owned the place, a walk of a woman who knows what she wants. A typical case, she came in wanting me to follow her husband because she thought he was doing something with all their money. Drugs, a mistress, tipping dancers, she probably would have blamed him for causing lag if it crossed her mind. Then she went into a sob story about how she's poured out her soul for him and he just threw it all away from her and blah blah blah. You hear it once, you heard it a thousand times, but you let 'em drivel. Part of my job is being a shoulder to cry on. I'd get paid more as a therapist but the whining gets to me. Anyway her Linden was the right kind, so I took the case.


She gave me enough to start with, a photo, where he works, some landmarks he frequented, the usual. I caught him at a hangout and began my tracking. I followed her old man around for a few days. He's an odd bird but nothing I would call deviant. We all have our quirks after all, and if he likes areas dedicated to Montserrat so be it. Anyway it really came to a head when I followed him into a restaurant one evening.


He ordered well done sushi. The waitress escorted him back behind the counter into a doorway, where he stayed for an hour while I sipped on bad coffee, chewed on roofing tiles they sold as sandwiches and ate up dull conversation from the domino players behind me. Finally, I needed to know. I ordered the sushi. The broad taking the orders told me it would be L$150. A bit steep for a dive like this but hey it might be good. She took my paw and led me behind the counter, the way she smiled I thought she might have good sexgen back there.


His fist got me square in the jaw as we got into the back room, a good puncher and obviously a pro at this. The broad set me up, but unlucky for her I pack heat and I've taken worse shots in my life. Before he could put his claws on me I pulled out my equalizer and gave the kitty a steel forged one eyed stare. I gave him a choice, a .45 caliber aneurysm and all his scripts trashed when he hits orbit or he tells me what the hell was going on. He asked me if I worked for the feds. I told him no, and that should make him more scared that I'd do it. Smart boy, chose to show me.


I was led down corridors into a basement where I saw him. The pipe in his mouth spewing more smoke than a Jersey factory from the stash of a smuggler's finest batch. He didn't get up, I don't think he even could if he wanted to, he was blitzed. "I see you met Tiny." he said in a self-induced haze of amusement. He invited me to sit, I didn't trust the floor. The smell in the air told me what was I wanted to know. Cigars, opiates and alcohol, not the best den I've been in but classy for a rat infested dive. I told him his wife was worried about him, he should be with her. "Why don't you go investigate her?" he sneered at me. "You'll see why I've been driven to this."


the look in his eyes was one of anger and shattered dreams. He probably loved her once upon a time, but something happened, he knew something and didn't want to outright say it. The look he had made me look deeper. I wish I hadn't. After I got out of there I took up the trail of his wife, and I followed her for a few hours. The club was loud, and she wasn't just flirting but openly trying to get with every guy she saw, and about half the women. This wasn't the same woman who came in my office. She eventually left the club with a fox, and they both led me to a no-tell motel with hourly rates. The sounds behind the door told me all I needed to know, the look was to make sure, but I didn't linger. I left them to their own devices, and it sounded like she had plenty in her inventory.


I wasn't even a block away when I heard the unmistakable crack of .38 bullets rip through the night. I could hear the scream, then two more shots. I ran back to the apartment in time to hear the final bullet and a body hitting the floor. I hoped I wouldn't see what I knew was there. Before I got to the top of the stairs the smell of hot iron burned the back of my throat. The door was open, and lying in a pool of blood were two wasted second lives, and one victim caught in the crossfire of love that had been lost. I knew they'd derez fast, I called the cops.


Cops TP'd in seconds, got fast photos then turned to me. I got questioned for hours. Client privilege ends when they're dead in my book, so I told them what happened. Some months later I heard the rest of the story. She wanted a divorce, he didn't and was fighting it. So she was going to hire me to get dirt on him so she could force the issue with the right people, looking pure and lily white. Meanwhile, she ran the circuit of bars and slept with young men who could keep up with her sexual appetite. So that's all there is too it. As far as I'm concerned, it's just another case. I didn't make the guy take a gun to his own head. And I didn't force his wife to do anything either. The only true victim here was the fox, and out of it all I felt bad for him. I got my report to the cops, filed my own copy and counted my Linden. It may be cold, but you can't refund to a dead woman. As far as I'm concerned, end of case.


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Named "Best genre piece" in the SL EmveeCuba storyboard contest! (link below)

A tale as told by Lupis Spade, private eye. You may want to read as a list, the flash storybard will go by too fast to read the story.

On a related note, all shot in SL on the "Emvee Cuba" sim, and all for the storyboard contest. ( This was made especially difficult as it's no build, so I couldn't import props in with me so I had to work exclusively with what I could find in sim. As a point of humor, I ran into a lot of other "Koinup" regulars that kept popping up on my radar as I was setting up shots. I thought of saying hello, but I figured they were working too so I let them be.

And yes, it's *supposed* to be in black and white, it's SL Noir for crying out loud! I only wish I could ave done those cool "blinds" effects but I'm happy with what I got. If you like, let me know!

Related, anyone got influence with Torley Linden? I want to figure out how to make a "Noir" filter for windlight, but I can't figure out how to make the SL world black and white.

2008 Socks Furrotica


oh my...framing looks, I have to read all the text....but this looks a super-fantastic storyboard! brilliant idea!

View pier's home pier | 13 year(s) ago

Thank ya Pier! I think I saw you on my radar when I was setting up the cafe pics. I took these a few days ago, just got to doing the B&W changeover tonight.

View Socks's home Socks | 13 year(s) ago

uhm it is possible because I'm often there these days....great place!
you story captured the sense of the place

View pier's home pier | 13 year(s) ago

great! I hope to hear news from Lupis Spade! ;)

View Silvia's home Silvia | 13 year(s) ago

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