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Hey I just posted the widget on my IMVU page. . . way cool! Now I can change my tag line. *smile*

Thanks to the powers that be.

View Sierra's home Sierra | 12 year(s) ago

Hi buddies, I wanna broadcast you! Because we have enabled the new Widget Platform!

If you have a webpage, a blog or a personal page on Facebook, Myspace, etc.... you can now display your koinup pics/videos on there with a single click!

try now,
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View pier's home pier | 12 year(s) ago

Thanks for the fav and add, Sierra...
Keep experimenting with different formats, and you'll be surprised at what you come up with...

Looking forward to seeing more of your work.


View PANTELEIMON-AEON's home PANTELEIMON-AEON | 12 year(s) ago

HEy ppl i uploaded some new works! come and have a look! ;)
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View Kushina_Uzumaki's home Kushina_Uzumaki | 12 year(s) ago

Hi Sierra,

thanks for the fav :)

View SimoneGiove's home SimoneGiove | 12 year(s) ago

hello thanks for the fav ^^

View msgrafis's home msgrafis | 12 year(s) ago

Thanku for the Favs ^^

View Nikalu's home Nikalu | 12 year(s) ago

I`d like to say a big *Thank you* for the comments and support on my Emvee Cuba storyboard, I appreciate it very much, it´s a pleasure being part of this friendly community!
Many Thanks for the congratulations, I am very happy :-) Have fun shooting everyone and good luck to all you for the next contests!

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View CarlottaCeawlin's home CarlottaCeawlin | 12 year(s) ago

Thank you all for the comments on the Emvee Cuba storyboard. I appreciate everyone who stopped by and congratulated me. I enjoy all your comments and thanks again for making it a fun storyboard to do. Without all of you pushing me to think and produce a better photograph I would of never came up with the concept for my work. Special thanks Lindia for dealing with me being a bit bossy trying to get the best shots possible and making it a great . Best of luck to everyone on the next contest.
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View Ji_Dallagio's home Ji_Dallagio | 12 year(s) ago

*smiles back*

View donhosho's home donhosho | 12 year(s) ago

Hey all - My first story board ever! Check it out if you have time...hope to make you chuckle!

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View MSnook's home MSnook | 12 year(s) ago

Hi all. Nope, no blatant plugs from me this time, lol but a request. I am very much a photo novice and would greatly appreciate critique comments or suggestions on pieces - if you feel you would like to. Of course I greatly love being told something I've done is wonderful *grins, a massage to the ego is no bad thing sometimes...but if you genuinely have a suggestion or comment I would be delighted to hear it as I really want to improve. I have only just got a post prod suite so I'm learning that too. I hope this makes sense anyway!! Thank you my chums and mmmwwaaaa xxxx
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View Trixibelle's home Trixibelle | 12 year(s) ago

Ok, with high adrenalin level (after that exciting football game I just watched, yay!! ) I`d like to promote three of my works I posted as entries for the Emvee Cuba Contest and the Orange Week Photo Contest - please have a look if you find the time :-)

Thanx very much and good luck to everyone!!
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View CarlottaCeawlin's home CarlottaCeawlin | 12 year(s) ago

thanks for the fav!

View nightingale's home nightingale | 12 year(s) ago

Hi Guys,
we have enabled a new awesome feature on Koinup:

Now you can follow the comments you've made and see if others have replied to your discussions, questions, advices...etc...

Koinup is more and more social and other updates.......are coming! Stay tuned!

(thanks Raul, for suggesting this)

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View pier's home pier | 12 year(s) ago

Orange Week Photo Contest

Certainly once, you have felt surrounded with reality in SL... an awesome build, a true moment of emotion, a real expression on a friendly face...

"One second of reality Contest" aims to find out where reality begins for you. Try to mesmerize the jury and make us believe the photo was taken in RL.

Winners will participate to an exhibition in a RL gallery in Paris. Prizes are a complete studio kit and a printing in high quality format.

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View pier's home pier | 12 year(s) ago

Thank you so much for the Fav!

View sabrainsl's home sabrainsl | 12 year(s) ago

Thanks for stopping by and commenting and also for the fav. =)

View Ji_Dallagio's home Ji_Dallagio | 12 year(s) ago

Thank you very much for the fav :-)

View CarlottaCeawlin's home CarlottaCeawlin | 12 year(s) ago

Hi Sierra! Tnx for the add...
I report what said LadyWallace here about taking bigger screenshot in IMVU:

"To get rid of the info bar at the bottom of the chat window, I resize the whole video file using a free prog called Zwei - Stein ( )
This also has an excellent green screen facility, but do the tutorials.

Use MWSnap to capture your screen ( ) making sure you increase your chat window size for the biggest picture, and try Brush Strokes ( ) to tidy up the screenshot image. These are all free programs. "

Hope this helps!

View edo's home edo | 12 year(s) ago

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