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The Sims 2, and the random google image that I took the basket from =x


This is absolutely gorgeous, Amy! ^____^ The editing, the whole spring concept! Wonderful job!

View ticticc13's home ticticc13 | 10 year(s) ago

Fantastic job!! Wow!

View Kady's home Kady | 10 year(s) ago

*_**_* Wow! *_**_* this is my fav n°1

View Alek87's home Alek87 | 10 year(s) ago

omgosh its gorgeous!

View pacsunlove6's home pacsunlove6 | 10 year(s) ago

Wow, thanks so much you guys! I'm really glad you like it! ^____^

View Sephiramy's home Sephiramy | 10 year(s) ago

beautiful work!
It's perfect!

View Lady_Oscar's home Lady_Oscar | 10 year(s) ago

Amy I love it!!! See your flickr comment. I'm not gonna repeat myself. :D

View Hound's home Hound | 10 year(s) ago

Aw shucks, thank you Lady Oscar and Hound!

I'm positive yours is gonna absolutely blow us away, Andy, I'm really excited to see it, as is everyone, I'm sure!

View Sephiramy's home Sephiramy | 10 year(s) ago

I love this picture! *_*

View Ann's home Ann | 10 year(s) ago

Oh my God's absolutely amazing! I love it *__*

View MedeAthena's home MedeAthena | 10 year(s) ago

I agree with all the other comments....this is a great-great photo!!! my compliments!

View mforiero's home mforiero | 10 year(s) ago's fantastic

View lagianfra's home lagianfra | 10 year(s) ago


View MuZza's home MuZza | 10 year(s) ago

really do you make pictures like that ?

View Marty86's home Marty86 | 10 year(s) ago

WOW! Thank you everyone, again!

Marty - first of all, thank you! Secondly, it's actually a pretty organized process. All of my Sim's poses are Frankensteined together, and then I lock the individual layers and shade them in Photoshop. For things like the hair, and the pull-strings on the jacket, the ribbon and stuff like that, I add a layer over the top and simply draw it on. Then the background is actually kinda done the same way, I put together a couple different in-game screenshots, phased out the sky and added a stormy cloud background, then put all the petals in over the top as well as drew in the rain.

So basically it's just a ton of layers and lots of hand-editing, haha, but nothing incredibly fancy or anything. ^_^

View Sephiramy's home Sephiramy | 10 year(s) ago

thanks for your explanation Sephiramy :)

View Marty86's home Marty86 | 10 year(s) ago

What?! It looks fancy to me. I love this! It's the perfect type of spring picture. Good luck in contest. If you don't win I'll eat my keyboard!

View Sim-plyMe's home Sim-plyMe | 10 year(s) ago

Your artworks are amazing!!

View DrLataSic's home DrLataSic | 10 year(s) ago

Wow, gorgeous. Trees in bloom, sunny day that sudently turn into heavy rainy day, looks exactly like spring where I live :D And there is nothing like running barefoot inder the rain...
(Love the arms and legs shading)

View Dektora's home Dektora | 10 year(s) ago

wow so sweet couple!!

View clover's home clover | 10 year(s) ago

This Looks So Beautiful Sephiramy! Good Luck!^_^


View CeletialShores's home CeletialShores | 10 year(s) ago

You're all so sweet, thank you so much! I really wanted to do something with rain, since... well... that's what I look forward to most in spring! ^_^

And thank you Celeste, I will definitely need that luck! *crosses fingers* There are some beautiful entries in this contest, everyone has a good chance!

View Sephiramy's home Sephiramy | 10 year(s) ago

this one is so beautifully done. definitely my favorite for sure. i think i fell in love with this picture lol.

View Lizlyly's home Lizlyly | 10 year(s) ago

YOU ARE TOO AWESOME AMY. I may comment 489204839403 times sicne you totaly should get coolest

View Sammy_Tuckbut's home Sammy_Tuckbut | 10 year(s) ago

its a definitely a masterpiece!!!! good luck!

View pier's home pier | 10 year(s) ago

Well, this picture is absolutely fantastic! A real masterpiece!

View Cippa's home Cippa | 10 year(s) ago

Awesome entry!! :D lovely picture, and great editing!!

View sandybvv's home sandybvv | 10 year(s) ago

fabulous! I haven't words.... Great Job!!!!

View mika_chan's home mika_chan | 10 year(s) ago

The couple is gorgeous! Love the scene, the effects, and the poses!

View ZAYURY's home ZAYURY | 10 year(s) ago

Fantastic!!!! *_*

View hand_of_blood's home hand_of_blood | 10 year(s) ago

Thank you so much, everyone, for all your sweet words! I'm overwhelmed by the niceness! And more than thrilled that you all like it. ^___^

View Sephiramy's home Sephiramy | 10 year(s) ago

Wowie. Where is their hair from?

View bobbyt's home bobbyt | 10 year(s) ago

Both their hairs are partially drawn on, but her base hair is from ChazDesigns at TSR and his is from SimsCribbling! ^__^

View Sephiramy's home Sephiramy | 10 year(s) ago

You draw it wow. You really good at it. Yeah I see the Simcribbling colors there in teh guy's hair. Well good luck to you. This should be a winner and cool.

View bobbyt's home bobbyt | 10 year(s) ago

Aww Amy I love this so much, I can't believe this is no longer the coolest.

View Hound's home Hound | 10 year(s) ago

Beautiful pic! Add to my favorites

View Ilary's home Ilary | 10 year(s) ago

Congratulations! Truly beautiful photo. :)

View ArtcgrrlStudios's home ArtcgrrlStudios | 10 year(s) ago

Congratulations Sephiramy! This Picture Is So Beautiful!^_^


View CeletialShores's home CeletialShores | 10 year(s) ago

Waaaahhhhhhhh!!! *runs around in happy circle*

Thank you, Artc and Celeste!! ^_________^

View Sephiramy's home Sephiramy | 10 year(s) ago

congratulations, beautiful pic, well done.:D

View qvisn's home qvisn | 10 year(s) ago

Congratulations!!! Your pic is very original!

View Silvia's home Silvia | 10 year(s) ago

*__________* beautiful!

View Sciacca's home Sciacca | 10 year(s) ago

Woooow, it's fantastic!!!!

View LunaScarlatta's home LunaScarlatta | 10 year(s) ago


View frenci-sim's home frenci-sim | 10 year(s) ago

This is...beautiful! *0*
It doesn't even look like the sims! It's as if you drew them by hand!

View amasakireyoko's home amasakireyoko | 10 year(s) ago

it's so gorgeous!!!!!!!!!!!! I've never seen a picture like this.. this must be absolutely my favourite one! *___*

View Eugege's home Eugege | 10 year(s) ago

*_____________*fantastic pic !

View RoRo's home RoRo | 10 year(s) ago

lovely pic!

View BabyEle's home BabyEle | 10 year(s) ago

OW, so cute ^_^

View elektra-armstrong's home elektra-armstrong | 9 year(s) ago

Beautiful pic!Woooow, it's fantastic!!!! Add to my favorites

View mareaazzurra's home mareaazzurra | 9 year(s) ago

This is absolutely gorgeous

View Pantalaimon89's home Pantalaimon89 | 9 year(s) ago

WoaW !!
Magnifique !!

View Fraizesauxsims's home Fraizesauxsims | 9 year(s) ago

this is the most image in the koinup

View Giuseppevm's home Giuseppevm | 9 year(s) ago

Amazing shot!!

View Bleeding_teo's home Bleeding_teo | 9 year(s) ago

I moderate a group called Portraits, and we'd love to have this added to the group!

View phaylen's home phaylen | 9 year(s) ago


View Sheeana's home Sheeana | 9 year(s) ago

you're so talented , I'll definitely add it to my fav , it's so wonderful !!! ^^

View ElfyKim's home ElfyKim | 8 year(s) ago

I moderate a group called Can't stop the rain ☂, and we'd love to have this added to the group!

View Enaya's home Enaya | 8 year(s) ago

This is so gorgeous *_________*

View laleguma's home laleguma | 8 year(s) ago

I moderate a group called 60+Favorites, and we'd love to have this added to the group!

View AiannaOh's home AiannaOh | 5 year(s) ago

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