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GC Leather Vest Dark Brown White Shadow Campaign Slide 2 Riders Jacket Wild at Heart 2-2 White Shadow Campaign Slide
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 Love the chance to say hi to you in world, had to laugh at Vels' comment about womens clothing for I had thought OOOoo I'd love to have a tshirt like that... lol .. brought on alot of memories when I lived in the Bay Area.  But I am proud of the work you do for men for their selection tho improved is limited. Thanks for sharing your talents with us. 


View ElusiveButterfly's home ElusiveButterfly | 6 year(s) ago

 I really like the clothes you.
Please do your best creative work.

View 9on_Moleno's home 9on_Moleno | 7 year(s) ago

Hi Ryosukito, thanks for the note. I appreciate it very much. Love seeing your new works you are a great inspiration. :)

View MeryllPanthar's home MeryllPanthar | 7 year(s) ago

Hello :) Sorry for my late response.

I manage a men's clothing store, so I actually have nothing to do with the ladies' wear. Additionally, I used to do some customs in the past, but I no longer do it.

Sorry for this late and disappointing response :)

PS: I had been fairly busy with my personal side as well as SL professional side, and phew, I am taking a moment now.

View Ryosukito's home Ryosukito | 7 year(s) ago

Do you make any of these amazing t's in ladies version??? OMG I want some of them!  Do you do custom orders??

View ladyvelvetrose's home ladyvelvetrose | 7 year(s) ago

Many thanks Graham :) Much appreciated !!

View Ryosukito's home Ryosukito | 8 year(s) ago

I visit the "Guarded Cross" shop weekly. I always reckommend it to people who wants good male clothing.

Keep up the great work!

View GrahamCollinson's home GrahamCollinson | 8 year(s) ago

hello Tessy !! What a nice thing to say ;)) 

View Ryosukito's home Ryosukito | 10 year(s) ago

been following your work for a while and i love it :) I may have to go own some of the jackets xoxo ;)

View Tessybaby's home Tessybaby | 10 year(s) ago

 Thank you, InsideOut, for the compliment. I do not make skins because I cannot (lol) ;)) When I became able to, I would like to.

View Ryosukito's home Ryosukito | 10 year(s) ago

Cool work ... do you make skins on SL?

View InsideOut_Clip's home InsideOut_Clip | 10 year(s) ago

Thank you very much for your kind invitation, Senjata. I appreciate it very sincerely. You left me speechless ... for what may or may not be true of me ;)) Never been described in this way, and for this reason it took me a while to respond. Thank you again, and the honor is entirely mine to join the mentioned group.

View Ryosukito's home Ryosukito | 10 year(s) ago

I moderate a group called Photo Elite, and I'd be honored to have you in the group. I generally invite single works based on their own merits, but that would be difficult here- your stuff's great, but it's the body of your work that floored me, and no single piece would reflect the cohesive personality and spark I felt going through your collection. Subtle, unmanipulated, almost embarassingly naked... Thanks for showing yourself here!

View Senjata's home Senjata | 10 year(s) ago

 It was great to meet you in person ;)) Let me know of the news on your end at the gallery !

View Ryosukito's home Ryosukito | 10 year(s) ago

Thank you so much for visiting COLORE art gallery, ryosukito! ^_^
We're going to update our galleries very soon introducing new exhibitions and artists so... Stay tuned for COLORE updates! ;)

View LookatmyBack's home LookatmyBack | 10 year(s) ago

 thanks, Anais, for your comment :))

View Ryosukito's home Ryosukito | 11 year(s) ago

 like me ur work and videos :)

View Anais's home Anais | 11 year(s) ago

Got the internet connection back at home finally ;))

View Ryosukito's home Ryosukito | 11 year(s) ago

As of today, I do not have a connetion to the SL due to the insufficient internet bandwidth at home. Please wait until the end of the month (March 2010) for the upcoming posting in this site unless I go to the internet cafe of some sort. I am updating my tattoos amd shirts in the meantime. Hope you could see my works when these are ready to be shared ;))

View Ryosukito's home Ryosukito | 11 year(s) ago


View Liledd4's home Liledd4 | 11 year(s) ago

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