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This is my first and, most probably, LAST broadcast message.
I recently noticed something missing on my contacts’ pages, so I wanted to bother everyone with it.
Have you noticed that link [upper-left part of the page] that says “SKILLS & PROFILE”?
How come the only skill of practically everyone of my contacts is being “male” or “female”?
I understand it’s kind of important knowing where you stand, but I think it’s nice to improve. Try writing something like:

- I want candies.
- I live where the werewolves roam.
- I’m just here to get laid.

Anything would be fine, come on!
I think you’re more than only a gender! 

 Good day!
{…how I love being annoying..}
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View sour_tea's home sour_tea | 12 year(s) ago

i was wondering...if you woudl be interested in a little sl work for a rl band who would like to make a machinima....if you would please im me it will be cool fun there a punk band :DD

View kalimeads's home kalimeads | 12 year(s) ago

can i make love to your hard drive please? aww go on just for a few mins love your stuff amazingly wonderful :D

View kalimeads's home kalimeads | 12 year(s) ago

Dear friends,
I've recently posted 2 entries for 2 different contest,
have a look if you have the time :)
Emvee Cuba:
Orange Photo:
Anyway, good luck to all of you, the quality of the works for the Koinup's contests is always amazing!
P.S. There is still time to take part to Cuba and Orange contests... don't miss them! ;)
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View Silvia's home Silvia | 12 year(s) ago

Hello everyone,

If you haven't already please take a look at my entry for The Sims 2 Spring Contest:

I worked really hard on it and I loved to share it with all my Koinup friends. I hope you all like it.

And to everyone who is entered in the contest, good luck to you all. Let the best entries win. Everyone did a really great job. Too bad we can't all be announced as winners. ;) I'd really like that.

Anyways comments and favorites are most appreciated. Have a nice day. ^_^

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View Hound's home Hound | 13 year(s) ago

Hey friends!

These are the last hours for the SL Exotic Contest on Koinup!
So... have a look to my entry and, if you like, vote for it! ;)

Otherwise, vote for someone else lol!

Have a good day!
This is a broadcast message.

View Silvia's home Silvia | 13 year(s) ago

your videos are breath taking! your picture are amazing!

View Ramon's home Ramon | 13 year(s) ago

Hi KisaiStudios!How are you?
oh...thank you sooo much for your lovely comment on my pic.
yea!I like pencil drawing!Hehe
I watched your pic now!
oh...It's sooo cool!Your work is amazing!
yeah,movie is soo good!Cool!Hehe
Thankyou!Have a nice day!

View Sion567's home Sion567 | 13 year(s) ago

Heya Jovial, good to see you here too!

View Pyronium3's home Pyronium3 | 13 year(s) ago

hey there sweetie! So good to see you here! I'm a big fan!!! :)

View crystalwitchery's home crystalwitchery | 13 year(s) ago

your ao's are amazing! i found your store in world by accident a few days ago and now i'm saving up to buy some things XD

View Nimil's home Nimil | 13 year(s) ago

I just saw your message.....thanx a would be great asking you some things....I look up to you! you are so so so great! I ll send you my mail to your you tube account so we can talk through msn cause its hard to communicate this way (posting comments)! c ya soon!

View celina558's home celina558 | 13 year(s) ago

I m absolutly amazed you really inspired me to think about photos too not only creating videos! you are really talented ! I m a bit jealous (lol) but I have to admit you made a perfect job! I would like to ask you a lot of questions but i guess you won t tell's secrets right? anyway I m your fan!!! keep creating!

View celina558's home celina558 | 13 year(s) ago

Wow thank you so much mforiero! I'm happy you enjoyed my stuff, and thanks for all your great comments :)

View KisaiStudios's home KisaiStudios | 13 year(s) ago

I had a look at your works in youtube and freewebs! Absolutely amazing!
Wow! Hope to see again!!!!!

View mforiero's home mforiero | 13 year(s) ago


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