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I'm Male.
Hi Everyone :)
I'm owner and creator of *+Crie Style+* in Second Life.

Japanes Quality Worldview PrimWorks Designer
[HQ] Hight Quality - Prim Items
Luxury Eyewear Glasses Monocles Opera Glasses Eyes


*+Crie Style - Luxury Eyewear Fashion Store+*


☆Main Store

☆Offical Blog for English

☆Offical Blog for Japanese


☆in World Group


*+Crie Style+* Luxury Eyewear is providing you an attractive make-up more
effect for lovely your a formal style.

*+Crie Style+* most of the structure of our product is made ​​by Regular Prims.
We are challenging fascination and possibilities by Regular Prims.

Of course, we believe that our Eyewears support your casual style
more enhanced attractive appearance for you.

We also give you the Monocle Series. Monocle was pretty popular type
in Europe high society in the middle of the 19th-century.

We'll keep trying to give you the Eyewears which you can use in various kinds of aspects.

Thank you.


Please visit us and check out *+Crie Style+*
I'm sometimes Bunny lol

*+Crie Style Main Store+*


*+Crie Style+* is an abbreviation of the meaning of "Crietive roots for information & entertainment" named as the atmosphere of the enjoying life.


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 >Ruriko and rudyn
and Thank you so much too <3

View Grazioso's home Grazioso | 7 year(s) ago

Gra-san thank you very much for adding me contact :)))

View rudyn_Carter's home rudyn_Carter | 7 year(s) ago

Gra san Thank you for the fav!
Love your works so much :-) 

View RurikoBracken's home RurikoBracken | 7 year(s) ago

Thank you for the fav again Gra san^^ 

View RurikoBracken's home RurikoBracken | 7 year(s) ago


View RurikoBracken's home RurikoBracken | 8 year(s) ago

Thank you! And for your add and your fav :))

View annieklavinham's home annieklavinham | 8 year(s) ago

 Thank you for your contact!

View KoroCarnell's home KoroCarnell | 8 year(s) ago

Many thanks Grazioso :)) It's a wonderful creation :))

View Karro_Lean's home Karro_Lean | 8 year(s) ago

Thank-you for such an inspirational place to photograph! :3

View Kulta_Hannu's home Kulta_Hannu | 8 year(s) ago

Hi Grazioso. Thank you for the fav! 

View KoroCarnell's home KoroCarnell | 8 year(s) ago

Thank you for your fav!   What a fabulous sim you have!  :)))

View Harbor-Galaxy's home Harbor-Galaxy | 8 year(s) ago

Thanks for the add,Grazioso  : )

View WickedV's home WickedV | 9 year(s) ago


Yeah, Im Lov' it ;)
Thank you for comment.

View Grazioso's home Grazioso | 10 year(s) ago

 Many thanks for your fav :)

View Eves_Rodenberger's home Eves_Rodenberger | 10 year(s) ago

Hello Pan.

Thank you for comment :)
I Can!!

View Grazioso's home Grazioso | 10 year(s) ago

 Hello Grazioso,

Thanks for the add, and keep up the good work   :-))


View PANTELEIMON-AEON's home PANTELEIMON-AEON | 10 year(s) ago

Ciao ma belle ^^
Je peux parler Tres québécois :P

View Grazioso's home Grazioso | 10 year(s) ago

thanks for the add!

I stuck the photograph of your shop
on here without your consent.sorry  (ノ∀`)

View HeethxMichelide's home HeethxMichelide | 10 year(s) ago

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