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I moderate a group called Ceiltigh fhíorúil- Virtual Celts!, and we'd love to have you in the group!

View Senjata's home Senjata | 10 year(s) ago

I'm sorry, I'm so late but... Thank you so much for your fav, Alchemy!

View LookatmyBack's home LookatmyBack | 11 year(s) ago

Thank you for the add and fav :)

View Mystique_Sassoon's home Mystique_Sassoon | 12 year(s) ago

Thank you very much for wonderful and dreamful SIMs!
and many favs in flickr and KoinuP:)))
I love your works~

View bark's home bark | 12 year(s) ago

Thank you so much for fav Alchemy*___*

View Sion567's home Sion567 | 12 year(s) ago

Thanks for the add, I added you too! :)

View LookatmyBack's home LookatmyBack | 12 year(s) ago

•) Common Questions and Some Answers (•
Is your business called Alchemy Immortalis, or is it called Dream Merchants?

Alchemy Immortalis is the name of both our business and our SIM.
Dream Merchants is how we refer to ourselves. It explains our roles and the service we offer.

Are you witches and warlocks?


Are you Wiccan?


Do you practice black magic?

No, so sorry.

Do you worship satan?

With our humble regrets to Satan worshippers, no.

Are you vampyres?

No for one of us and yes for the other but that lifestyle is a personal RL choice that they do not push on anyone else. We don't cater exclusively to Vampyres, either the SL/RL roleplayers or lifestylers.

Are you hippies or New Age gurus?

No. Nay. Never.

Are you pushing a religion?

No. We don't believe in pushing our own spiritual beliefs on anyone else. Over our lifetimes we each have moved through various states of spirituality. Roman Catholicism, Atheism, Agnosticism, Occultism. Age has mellowed us and opened our minds. What we have embraced is the knowledge that whatever bits of spiritualism we have picked up along the way are right for us. You could say our religion is stone soup. As spirituality is a personal journey, it is not for us to dictate.

So what exactly are you, and what the heck do you do?

We believe in magic. We believe in the power of the mind. We believe that magic should exist as part of one's daily lifestyle. Magic should be non-intimidating, attainable, seamlessly integrated into daily life, and accessible. We believe that magic works outside of systems of organised religion. Magic is a tool and through magic, we infuse everything we do with purpose and intention which transforms our lives from the mundane into the miraculous. Infusing your daily living with purpose sets things into motion. Good things come of it.

•) We consciously defy labels and embrace people from many different backgrounds and beliefs (•

This is a personal and ongoing journey for us, and creating with pixels is one of the ways we explore.
At the most basic level, we create props that are meant to inspire the kind of thinking that liberates people and invites exploration and choices that lead to happier, healthier lives.

We are not defined by a single label, a system of religion or practice, or belief. We are two artists on a journey to infuse our own lives with passion, purpose and personal magic.

From our kitchens and our workspaces to our playgrounds and bedrooms, we choose to infuse everything with a sense of purpose and power.

We love to educate and to share. We approach our lives and our work with mindfulness and joy

Alright...I get that. Now what is all this business with sigils, rituals, phases of the moon and planetary hours?

A quick example of using the phases of the moon would be purposefully opening our sim to the public on a new moon, building our inventory as the moon moves through the quarters on the way to a full moon. The full moon for us is important, so you will find us hosting certain special events during these occurences, as well as offering signicant price reductions on special products through our "full moon sales".

In brief, sigils are unique symbols that represent intentions working with planetary hours.

View AlchemyImmortalis's home AlchemyImmortalis | 12 year(s) ago

Koinup is the 1st Social Network devoted to virtual life and avatars!

Are you a citizen of the virtual world?
Tell us who does your avatar look like, share your favourite virtual places!
Upload screenshots and watch outstanding machinima!

Showcase of creativity
Koinup is a showcase for developers, metaverse designers, photographers, machinimators, fashionistas, models, gorgeous avatars, 3d modelers, scripter, musicians, avatar-artist.
Would you like a sneak preview of this creativity? Take a look here!

The coolest community and so much fun
Find new friends, invite your virtual worlds buddies to join the crew!

Watch these tutorials to learn the advanced features and to get the most out of Koinup!
Need help? Send me a message now!

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